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  • Product Name : YN27C gasline rock drill
    Size : YN27C
    Country of Origin : CHINA
    Contact : Steven Yang (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Maxdrill small hole drilling tolls YN27C rock drill
    Product Specifications:


    1.Engine: The engine is a hand operated, single cylinder and two stroke petrol engine with air cooling, re-flux air conversion, no contract ignition, and no floating-type carburetor. It is conposed of control parts,shield parts,magneto parts and piston parts and cylinder parts.

    2.Air compressor: The engine piston and hammer piston are mounted separately in the upper and lower place of the cylinder. These two pistons move up and down synchronously. The hammer piston and the bigger bore of the cylinder form a compression chamber, which together with air inlet and outlet valves and ventilator valves, form the air compressor. It is composed of hammer piston parts and cylinder parts.

    3.Rock drill: It is composed of hammer piston parts,rotation mechanism parts, drill chuck parts.

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    Specifications Y20 Y24 YT27 YT28
    Weight(Kg) 18 24 27 26
    Total Length(mm) 605 605 668 661
    Working Pressure(Mpa) 0.4 0.4-0.63 0.63 0.63
    Impact Frequency(Hz) ≥34 ≥27 ≥27 ≥37
    Air Consumption(L/S) ≤25 ≤53 ≤83.3 ≤81
    Air Pipe Inner Dia.(mm) 16 or 19 19 25 25
    Shank Size(hex.mm) 22x108 22x108 22x108/25x108 22x108
    Bore Dia.(mm) 30-40 34-42 34-45 34-42
    Hardness(f=) 8-18 8-18 8-18 8-18